RAG – Raise And Give @ TeenStreet Life

RAG is the fundraising event at TeenStreet. Before and during every TeenStreet, we raise funds to support a good cause that will positively impact youth in Europe and beyond. Also, in the setting of our online version of TeenStreet, we do not want to miss the great opportunity to raise money and support others.
Join us on RAG Day Saturday, August 8 or take part whenever it is best for you, no matter where you are, no matter if you are alone or in a group and even if you are not into sports or don't have sponsors!

Participate in one of 3 categories:

  1. Sports

    • Run and track your kilometers (unit 1 kilometer)
    • Ride your bike and count your kilometers (unit 5 kilometers)
  2. Social

    • Become involved through a social service, such as visiting sick people, shopping for your neighbors, helping your grandparents, babysitting, etc. (unit 10 minutes)
    • Save the planet and collect garbage (unit 5 minutes)
  3. Fundraising

    • Sell things like clothes or old toys that you don't need any more or sell homemade cake or smoothies (unit income)
    • Make people happy with some street music in the city (unit income)

Be part of it and already start looking for donors, planning a fun bike ride or tidying out your wardrobe!

Give your best and win!

By participating in RAG you not only support others, but you also have the chance to win great prizes. The top 50 participants will receive a TeenStreet goodie bag.
The best result and the highest amount of donations will be honored with 1st place: Trip to another TeenStreet (outside of Europe)!

Join us in raising funds for Teenagers in Ukraine

In the city of Rivne, Igor Kovalchuk has a Christian Kick boxing club where training principles are saturated with Biblical truth and values. A group of 16 and 17-year-olds from the club have been chosen by Igor and they are being mentored in principles of Biblical leadership. The club has already impacted both the Christian as well as the Kick boxing world to the extent that Igor has been invited to become the sport psychologist for the association of Kick boxing in the Rivne province, giving him a platform to share about the Love of Christ to a vast and varied audience.
Our team in Odessa reaches out to at risk teenagers through club ministries including a "pilgrim outdoor club", teen girls club as well as being involved in an acting club. In all these activities the team works on the principles of experiential learning. The ministry includes summer camp outreaches, hikes for at risk teens and training seminars on how to start and run clubs for unbelieving teens and for those who grew up in churches and has never made a commitment to follow Christ.
The main goal of this ministry is to give young people a living experience of Christ and of what it means to live for and with Him. Likewise, we aim to mentor these young people and train them up as leaders in their churches and communities. We also want to see the young people we reach out to themselves become involved in ministry; to reach out not only to their own neighbourhoods but so that they will be involved in reaching the unreached. We want to empower the church to multiply this ministry through training and mentoring.

Support TeenStreets around the world

We want to see teens in other parts of the world to have a similar experience as we have at TeenStreet Europe. We dream of starting, or growing, TeenStreet on the African continent. Therefore, we want to use 20% of what we raise at RAG to support new TeenStreets.

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